i want her - A mix for explicitly lesbian songs (because I’m tired of lesbian mixes filled with vague songs sung by girls)

1. jenny / studio killers 2. i want her / georgia harris 3. i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you / kate nash 4. girls/girls/boys / her electric fur 5. the girl / emma taylor 6. jezebel / sara garrison 7. sweater weather / kina grannis 8. i kissed a girl / katy perry 9. don’t do boys / elektra 10. dirty king / the cliks 11. ode to janey lou / foe 12. long brown hair / regina spektor
this is what I look like without makeup,

plz help me think of room ideas that are not very expensive

I told my mom I would only move if I can paint the room how I want. THIS MEANS TEAL WITH A BLACK SPARKLE FLOOR. also probably put a ceiling in bc I cannot hang my vintage smb fan on a drop ceiling. now that I think of it…its bigger and more private down there so. Idk how I’m gonna fit 14 hamsters and 12 mice though

bathtub selfie. hella.

my mom just informed me im being forced to move into the basement…ive had my room for over a decade but thanks for not giving me a say in this.


Naruto is shit

don’t call me my birthnamr