Anonymous asked you: hi do you thonk you can adopt your cat back and bring it to a no kill shelter?

I can’t. The shelter he’s at is SUPPOSED to be a no kill shelter. I have no resources to transport him elsewhere. This is my last hope.

sausagefattener asked you: hi i'm from new hampshire and i know for a fact that new hampshire has laws against cats being euthanized in a shelter, but if you're really sure they will there's a shelter called kitty angels in manchester and they will take your cat in

I called them and they’re closed. I left a message but I think it’s too late for them to take him



a few months ago my dad surrendered my 15 year old cat to the humane society. I just got a call today saying that if nobody adopts Charlie within 24 hours he’s going to be killed. He’s currently in Keene NH im willing to pay whatever gas money if you’re in the area I just can’t let him die PLEASE signal boost this he’s going to be put down at 10:30am tomorrow I love him with all my heart and my dad won’t let me take him back and I cannot just have him die someone please help

think im asexual and idk that makes me worry I know it shouldn’t but I think I’m ace bc of trauma and that makes me so sad